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Baby Washcloth Lollipop Instructions
Learn how to make washcloth lollipops step by step

washcloth lollipops

A new mom will need lots of baby washcloths for bath time and cleaning messy hands and faces after meals. Turn this practical gift into an adorable centerpiece or give them out as baby shower favors. These washcloth lollipops are easy to make, and the mommy-to-be will surely appreciate the homemade touch.

What you'll need:

  • Washcloths- use good quality ones with lining around the edges for a better look.

  • Lollipop Sticks

  • Lollipop Bags

  • Small Rubber Bands- clear

  • Ribbon that matches your decor.


Step 1:

Lay your washcloth print side down (tag facing up) on a flat surface. Fold one side over and inch or two, then continue to fold over until you reach the other side.

how to make washcloth lollipop

You should end up with one long, flat roll.

washcloth lollipop instructions

Step 2:

Lay your rolled up washcloth with the colored lining facing up (to make different color swirl in the middle). This also makes it easier to keep the edges lined up when rolling again. Carefully roll the washcloth the other way to make a circle. Hold the rolled washcloth tightly in place.

how to make washcloth lollipop

how to make washcloth lollipop

Step 3:

While holding the washcloth tightly, carefully place inside a lollipop bag. Some people like to use a safety pin or thread to hold it together before putting in the lollipop bag. However, you can skip that step and just put it right into the bag. This also makes it easier for the mom-to-be to take it apart and you don't have to worry about damaging the washcloth. Just make sure to twist the open end of the lollipop bag closed tight so it doesn't come undone.  Use a small, clear rubber band to secure the bottom of the lollipop bag.

how to make washcloth lollipops

washcloth lollipop

Step 4:

Insert a lollipop stick into the bag through the middle of the rubber band until it is touching the washcloth. Take a piece of ribbon and tie tightly around the rubber band to help hold the stick in place and make them pretty. 

washcloth lollipop instructions

Just make sure to handle to lollipops carefully so the stick does not come out.

Ways to show off your baby washcloth lollipop favors:

washcloth lollipop centerpiece


Make a favor centerpiece for each table. Put 6-8 of your washcloth lollipops in a vase, small pail, bucket or any other container of your choice. Fill the container with candy (like M&M's) or colored glass stones or gems to hold the lollipops in place. 

Display as a centerpiece on the food or dessert table.

Put in a basket near the exit so guests can grab one on the way out

Put one at each place setting on the tables.

Make a lollipop bouquet arrangement in a vase. Give to the mommy-to-be as a gift.



Don't expect them to come out perfect the first time, it may take several tries to get your desired look. Keep playing around with them until you get it right.

If you are going to stand the lollipops up, do not use really large washcloths. They will be too heavy and not stand up well.

You can also make these using small burp cloths instead of baby washcloths.

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