How to Make Tissue Poms

tissue pom pomsEver since I learned how to make tissue poms, I have been in love with them! They are so easy to make once you get the hang of them, and best of all, they are also really inexpensive. I like to hang them from the ceiling with fishing line, but you can also lay them on a table and use them as centerpieces too.

I learned how to make these over at the Martha Stewart website. Here is our version of the tutorial, including how to make multi-colored pom poms.

What you'll need:

  • Tissue paper {8 sheets for each pom}

  • Floral wire

  • Monofilament {clear fishing line}

How to Make Tissue Poms

Stack 8-10 sheets of tissue paper neatly on top of each other on a flat surface. You can use any size tissue paper, but the bigger the sheets, the bigger your poms will be. Make a fold about an inch and a half.

tissue paper

Then, flip over and fold again the opposite way. Continue going back and forth {folding like a fan or accordion} until the entire thing is folded. Try to keeps the folds as even as you can and rub along the folds to make creases.

tissue paper folded

Now, cut a piece of floral wire {about 15 inches} and wrap around the middle of the tissue paper. Twist several times to secure. {This is where you will tie your monofilament to hang it, but don't do that until the end.}

Cut each end either rounded or pointed. We rounded ours, cutting at a point gives them a spiky look (which is also cute).

how to make tissue poms

Now it's time to fluff the tissue pom. Starting on one side, fan it out and pull the top layer of tissue paper apart from the rest.

how to make tissue poms

Keep pulling each layer apart until the entire side is done. Make sure you pull apart very gently because the tissue paper is easy to tear.

When you are done with one side, do the same thing with the other side. When you are finished it should look like this:

white tissue pom

Keep fluffing and adjusting the layers until it looks nice and full and even. If you want to hang them, tie your monofilament to the piece of floral wire. I take the two pieces of floral wire sticking out and twist them together to make a loop. Then you can tie the fishing line to the loop.

I've found the best way to hang them from the ceiling is with thumb tacks. Wrap the monofilament around the thumb tack several times and then stick into the ceiling.

How to make tissue poms with several colors

multi-colored tissue poms

Alternate colors- when laying down your tissue paper go back and forth. example: peach, pink, peach, pink. Then continue to make as usual.

Half and half- if you want your poms half one color and half another, lay down 4 sheets of the first color then 4 sheets of the other color.

Make a pattern- you can use 3 or more colors or even just add a different color here and there, like the red one above. Just repeat your pattern until you have 8-10 sheets, then follow directions as usual.

Tissue Pom Rainbow

tissue pom rainbow


Good luck making your tissue paper poms poms!

If you really want to make things easy, you can even order a pom pom kit by Martha Stewart. All you have to do is fluff them and hang them up.

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