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How to Make a Tissue Flower Pomander Ball

tissue flower pomander ball

A tissue flower pomander ball is an affordable alternative to a fresh flower pomander ball. You can make them any color you want, and unlike real ones, they can be made up in advance. All you need are few supplies and a little spare time.

What you'll need:

  • Styrofoam ball {we used a 5 inch.}

  • 1 package of tissue paper (20x30 sheets) in desired color

  • Floral wire- at least 22 gage

  • Hot glue gun

How to Make a Tissue Flower Ball

First, you need to make the tissue paper flowers. How many you will need depends on how close you put them together and what size ball you are using. Make at least 15 flowers to start with.

Click here for the tissue flower instructions. Then, come back to this page.

Ok, now that you made your flowers, the hard part is over. Take one of your tissue flowers and cut the wire so it is only about two inches long and twist the two pieces around each other.

Then, put a dab of how glue underneath the base of the tissue flower where it meets the floral wire. Stick the wire into the foam ball and hold for a few seconds to let the hot glue dry.

tissue flower pomander ball tutorial

Continue doing this will the flowers, making a ring all the way around the middle of the ball.

tissue flower pomander ball tutorial

Then, make a ring going the other way. Keep filling in with flowers until the entire ball is covered

tissue flower pomander ball

All done! You can put them on top of a vase, a cake stand, lay them on the tables as centerpieces or even hang them.

If you want to hang your pomander ball, take a piece of floral wire and twist it so there is a loop.

floral wire loop

Keep twisting all the way down, then stick into foam ball until only the loop is sticking out. Now, tie a piece of ribbon or monofilament through the loop and hang your tissue flower ball from the ceiling a chair or anywhere else.

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