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Sugar and Spice Baby Shower
Pink and Brown Baby Shower Ideas

Sugar and spice and everything nice... that's what little girls are made of!

Celebrate the arrival of a precious baby girl with a sugar and spice baby shower theme. This girly girl, pink and brown baby shower would also work well for a twins baby shower theme or birthday party.

Food plays a big part in this theme with lots of sweet and spiced foods. Think cinnamon, sugar and chocolate. What mom-to-be wouldn't love that?

Sugar and Spice Baby Shower- Dessert Table

sugar and spice dessert table

sugar and spice baby shower

For the backdrop, we used white curtains and attached strings of beads that we cut off a beaded curtain. Then, I cut out the letters to spell sugar and spice in a patterned paper. You can't see it in the photo, but we outlined all the letters with white glitter to resemble sugar. Then, we attached the letters to the beads with clothespins attached to the back of the letters.

sugar and spice baby shower

sugar and spice baby shower

whoopie pies

The chocolate whoopie pies were displayed on giant "sugar cubes". To make the sugar cubes, we took styrofoam blocks and painted some modge podge on each side. Then, we dipped each side in Epsom salt to make it look like real sugar. After they dried, we sprayed them with a clear sealant to help keep the salt from coming off.

The whoopie pies are sitting on pastry pedestals. I wrapped the stems of the pedestals with pink and white ribbon to tie in with the rest of the diagonal stripes used throughout the dessert table.

oreo truffles

We served oreo truffles dipped in white chocolate and regular chocolate. I also outlined the food tags with glitter as well.

donut hole tree

For the donut hole tree, we attached cinnamon and white powdered donut holes to a styrofoam cone using toothpicks. (We left the plastic cover on and also wrapped it with more plastic wrap to make sure to keep the donuts clean.)

pink marshmallow pops

We also had marshmallow pops which are one of the easiest treats to make ever, and so cute. We used jumbo marshmallows with a candy stick instead of a lollipop stick for these.

dipped pretzel rods

Chocolate dipped pretzel rods are another simple dessert idea. We lightly sprinkled them with pink sprinkles to add some more color. They were displayed in a clear container with sugar in the bottom to give them more height and play in with the sugar and spice theme.

mini apple pies

We also served mini apple pies (tutorial coming soon). Everyone got their own little miniature apple pie and so much easier to serve!

sugar and spice cookies

And of course we had to have sugar and spice cookies. I found some in the refrigerated section that you just pop in the oven and bake.

Sugar and Spice Baby Shower- Drinks

sugar and spice baby shower

We served a chilled spiced cider punch, I also made pink and brown water bottle labels to match.

Spiced Cider Punch (recipe adapted from Taste of Home)


1 gallon apple cider
2 cans frozen orange juice concentrate
1-2 liter of gingerale
1 cup sugar
1 tsp. of cinnamon

Put a few cups of the apple cider in in a medium sauce pan. Add the sugar and cinnamon and cook over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved. Mix with the rest of the cider and orange juice (thawed) and chill. Right before you are ready to serve, add the gingerale.

Sugar and Spice- Table setting

sugar and spice baby shower, pink and brown baby shower

sugar and spice baby shower

We used brown tablecloths and white plates. The plastic ware was wrapped in brown napkins with a paper napkin ring made from coordinating paper. It is simple and inexpensive to make your own matching napkin rings. Just cut strips of matching cardstock or scrapbook paper, wrap around the middle of the napkin and secure with tape.

Sugar and Spice Baby Shower- Centerpieces

sugar and spice baby shower centerpieces

sugar and spice baby shower centerpiece

The table centerpieces were another diy project. My sister and I went out and found all the branches for the centerpieces on our aunt's property. We spray painted the branches pink and then sprayed them with glitter. Next, we made tissue paper flowers and attached them to the branches with floral wire. We also tied bows with brown ribbon.

The containers were large cans of juice wrapped in wrapping paper with ribbon around the bottom. We filled them with sand to keep the branches in place and added some sugar to the top.

More Sugar and Spice Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas:

sugar and spice centerpiece ideas, pink and brown diaper cake

Pink and brown diaper cake. See our diaper cake instructions to learn how to make this diaper cake.

Pink and brown flowers in a pretty vase.

Sugar cubes and cinnamon sticks stacked on a plate or in a bowl.

Sugar and Spice Baby Shower Games

Guess the spices

Get about 10-12 different spices (just grab some from your kitchen) and cover up the label with a piece of paper and write a number on each one. Give each guest a piece of paper and pen, and have them write down what they think each spice is. Whether you want to let them smell or taste the spices is up to you. Just try to use a variety of colors and textures. The person who gets the most right wins.

Guess how many-

Fill a large baby bottle or jar with candy like jelly beans or gum balls(make sure you count how many to put in there). Have each person guess how many pieces of candy are inside. The person who guesses the closest win a prize.

Sugar and Spice Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Fill favor jars with cinnamon and sugar or pink and brown candy.

Personalized Glass Favor Jars
(Set of 12)

The favor jars above would also be perfect for filling with a homemade sugar and spice body scrub.

More sugar and spice baby shower favor ideas:

Cinnamon buns- put them in a bag and attach a tag or label that says: "thanks from (mom's name) and her bun in the oven".

Here are some more cute favors that would go great with this theme.

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