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Square Diaper Cake
How to Make a Square Diaper Cake

square diaper cake

Are you looking for a fun and unique diaper cake? Try making a square diaper cake. This cake is easy to make, and you don't have to roll up each diaper. It is also easy for the mom-to-be to take apart when she is ready to use, and all the diapers are completely usable. We will show how to make this diaper cake step by step with pictures.

What you'll need:

  • 70-80 diapers for a 3 tier cake, depending on what size diapers you use and how big you want the cake. I used size 2 Pampers Swaddlers. The smaller the diapers, the more you will need. I like Pampers swaddlers because they are all white except for a small strip along the waistband. These are also high quality diapers that most moms love to get. 

  • 6 large rubber bands

  • 2 rolls of ribbon

  • cake tray or piece of cardboard to set the cake on

  • decorations for the cake (stuffed animal, flowers, paper shred, baby items)

  • Hot glue gun or fabric glue

Square Diaper Cake Instructions

Take a diaper and fold it in half so the yellow strip is on the inside.

folded diaper

Take another diaper and fold it in half the same way. Stack the second diaper on top with the closed side facing the opposite way of the other diaper.

how to make a square diaper cake

Continue to fold the diapers in half and stack them in a row, with the diapers laying on their side. Make sure to alternate the way you stack them (closed side, open side, closed side, open side) to keep the row even. If you lay all the folds the same way, one side will end up thicker.

Make three rows of diapers with the same number of diapers in each row. I used 15 diapers in each row for the bottom tier (45 total). The number of diapers you will use depends on what size you want your cake to be. I used the lid of a box to hold the diapers in place, but you could also use a square cake pan. When you are done with the bottom tier, it should look like this (this is a view from the top).

how to make a square diaper cake

Now, put a large rubber band around each row of diapers to hold them in place. This will be the bottom tier of your square diaper cake.

how to make a square diaper cake

Square diaper cake instructions- second and third tiers

For the next tier you are going to do the same thing, but only make two rows of diapers. The second tier should also be smaller than the bottom one to make it look more like a real cake. I used 12 diapers for each row (24 total). Use 3-4 less diapers per row than you did for your bottom tier. Put a rubber band around these rows and stack them on top of the bottom tier. It should look like this:

square diaper cake instructions

Do the same process for the top tier but only make one row. This row should be smaller than the second tier. I used 8 diapers for the top. Wrap the diapers with a rubber band and stack on the top.

how to make a square diaper cakeMake sure the square diaper cake is the size you like. Add or remove diapers until you get the size you like. 

Now, it's time to replace the rubber bands with ribbon.

You might be wondering why I didn't just have you add the ribbon in the first place. Well, there is a method to my madness. It is important to do all three tiers and stack them so you can make sure you are happy with the size and the way it looks. You may want to add or take away diapers to get the right look. It is easy to adjust when you have the rubber bands, but after you add the ribbon, it is pretty much a done deal.

Now it is time to make it look pretty!

Take your ribbon and wrap it around each row of diapers over the top and bottom. Secure the ribbon with hot glue or fabric glue and remove the rubber bands. 

how to make a square diaper cake

Now take another piece of ribbon and wrap it horizontally around all three rows to hold them all together. Secure ribbon with glue.

square diaper cake instructions

Do the exact same thing with the other tiers and stack them on top of each other. I turned the top tier sideways to give it a different look, but you can stack it the same as the others if you want.

square diaper cake

Now all you have to do is add any decorations for the final touch. You could put a stuffed animal on the top, add some artificial flowers, or attach baby items, like pacifier, diaper rash cream, etc. This diaper cake was for a Dr. Seuss baby shower, so I added some Cat in the Hat finger puppets and colored paper shred.

square diaper cake

Now, put your cake on a cake tray and you are all done!

Square Diaper Cake Tips and Ideas

Make sure to use good quality diapers that don't have a lot of print on them. I always recommend using Pampers Swaddlers. I don't know any moms who don't love them.

The bigger the diapers, the less you will have to use. The size of the diapers will also affect the size of the cake.

If you don't have a square cake tray, you could use a piece of sturdy cardboard or a square piece of styrofoam. If you buy a box of diapers, you could cut out one of the sides of the box and use it for your tray. Just wrap it with wrapping paper to make it look nice. 

Make sure that your ribbon is secured tightly and with a strong glue, I always use a hot glue gun for mine. 

Have fun making your square diaper cake, and make sure to come back and share pictures with us! Click here to share your diaper cake.

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