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Rainbow Baby Shower Ideas

A rainbow baby shower is colorful and fun, and best of all, it is perfect for any mom-to-be whether she is expecting a girl, boy or keeping the gender a surprise! Below you will find all kinds of rainbow baby shower ideas from homemade decorations to yummy food and dessert ideas. All of the ideas below are also budget friendly, so you can throw a beautiful shower without spending a fortune.

Rainbow Baby Shower Ideas- Decorations

rainbow baby shower ideas

I am a little bit obsessed with backdrops for my tables, especially the dessert table. A backdrop really adds that "wow" factor and makes the pictures look so much better. For this backdrop, we used streamers in all of the colors of the rainbow. We also added pink because the party was for a girl.

All you have to do is tape one end of a steamer as high as you want it and unroll it to the length you want and tape at the bottom as well. I think we did about 4 strips of streamers in a row for each color, then repeated the pattern. We added a few clusters of white balloons on each side to resemble clouds.

rainbow baby shower ideas

For the tablecloth, we layered plastic tablecloths in each color of the rainbow. This is the budget friendly, no-sew version of a beautiful ruffled rainbow tablecloth we saw on Pinterest.

rainbow baby shower ideas, rainbow pom poms

You could also make a rainbow out of tissue poms. For this party, there were sky blue walls (which worked out perfectly) but you could always pin up a blue tablecloth or sheet for a backdrop.

Rainbow Baby Shower Ideas- Food and Desserts

rainbow baby shower dessert ideas

rainbow fruit tray

A rainbow fruit tray is a cute and healthy food option. Cut up fresh fruit in each color of the rainbow and arrange in the shape of a rainbow. We also put marshmallow fluff dip on the tray. Get the marshmallow dip recipe here. You could also put your fruit on skewers to make rainbow fruit kabobs.

Another healthy option is to make a rainbow veggie tray with ranch or blue cheese for dipping.

rainbow baby shower ideas

We also made rainbow treats with fruity pebbles. I also found this idea on Pinterest. Make just like rice krispie treats, only substitute fruity pebbles instead of rice krispies. They were really good!

rainbow oreo truffles

These are rainbow Oreo truffles (another one of my favorites). They are always a huge hit, get ready to have the recipe handy if you make these ;).

rainbow baby shower cupcakes

These rainbow cupcakes are simple to make. Bake any type of cupcakes (we used rainbow cupcake liners too) and frost with white icing. The rainbow toppers are pieces of rainbow airheads sourbelt candy folded in the shape of a rainbow. Gently press each end into the icing to hold them in place. I searched all over the place for the sourbelts candy, until I came across them in a convenient store.

There are also plenty of rainbow colored candy options you could put out on the tables like Skittles, rainbow Twizzlers, or rainbow swirl lollipops. These would also make great favors for the guests.

If you would like to see even more rainbow baby shower ideas, check out our rainbow board on Pinterest. There you will find even more ideas and where we found some of our own inspiration.



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