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How to Make a Candy Bar Wrapper
{Simple Candy Bar Wrapper Tutorial}

Looking for an easy and cute favor idea? I will show you a simple way how to make a candy bar wrapper to dress up your chocolate bar favors. These candy bar wrappers can also be made without using a computer. So, if the thought of designing your own candy bar wrapper makes your head spin, don't worry this tutorial is just for you.

how to make candy bar wrapper

What you'll need:

  • Candy bars- any size or brand as long as they are rectangular and flat

  • tape and scissors

  • colored printer paper, or wrapping paper

  • stickers or other embellishments {optional}

I made the candy bar wrappers in this tutorial for my daughter's sweet shoppe birthday party. My original plan was to use the Hershey's bars with the pretty foil under the wrapper. But, when I went to buy them, I also discovered that they are really expensive! So, I went to Sam's Club and bought a box of king sized Hershey's bars (yes an entire box) for a good price. But, when I got home and opened them up, I realized they were not the ones with the foil. *sigh*

So... now I had a box of 18 Hershey's bars that I could not return. I decided that I would have to use what I had, and just made them a little differently than I originally planned. I was actually happy with the end result, and I saved a little money too.

How to Make a Candy Bar Wrapper

1. Pick your paper. You can find colored printer paper at an office supply store or craft store. I'm sure you could use card stock or scrapbook paper too, it just might be a little harder fold because it is thicker. Wrapping paper would also work great, and it is available in all kinds of colors and patterns.

If you can't find the color or design you are looking for, try looking on Etsy.com. You can find all kinds of digital paper in every color and design you could imagine! That is where I found the striped paper that I used for mine. When you buy the digital paper, they e-mail you the file and you print it out yourself on your home computer, or take it somewhere to be printed. So quick and easy!

2. Cut the paper. For this example, I used king size Hershey's bars. I cut a piece of paper (letter size) in half, and it was just right for two candy bars.

how to make a candy bar wrapper

If you are using the candy bars with the foil, cut off the top label (leaving the foil intact) and measure the dimensions of the label. Then, cut your paper to those same dimensions.

3. Wrap the candy bar.

make your own candy bar wrapper

Lay the candy bar on the piece of paper. (I also taped the sides of the candy bar down so it would wrap easier.)

make your own candy bar wrapper

Fold one side over and tape it down. Then, fold the other side over tightly and secure with tape.

how to make candy bar wrapper

Then, fold the sides, just like you would if you where wrapping a present.

homemade candy bar wrapper

Here is the front view. Now, you can leave them like this, or add stickers, rhinestones, gems, or any other embellishments.

I used my Silhouette SD to make these tags that I taped on top of them.

homemade candy bar wrappers

I am kind of glad that I ended up with the wrong Hershey's bars, because I really like the way these turned out. Sometimes what seams like a disaster ends up being just what I really needed. Now each guest gets to un wrap their candy bar just like a present ; ).

If you are looking for something a little more, or want to buy customized candy bar wrappers, I recommend unique candy bar wrappers with a personalized touch at BabyShowerStuff.com.

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