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Gender Reveal Party
Will it be Polka Dots or Plaid?

A gender reveal party is a fun and exciting way to announce the gender of your baby with family and friends!

These parties have become really popular, especially among mommies who have already had a baby before, or those who just don't want a traditional baby shower. I remember when I was pregnant, I could hardly wait to find out the gender of my baby! It is a very exciting moment for the parents-to-be as well as friends and loved ones. So why not let everyone find out together? Then, you can start picking names and buying those pink or blue baby clothes!

If you decide to have a gender reveal party, you might want to have it in lieu of a baby shower. The only downside to that is you will end up with all gender neutral baby clothes and gifts. This was the dilemma we faced when I talked my sister into having one. So, we just decided to have the immediate family on both sides and their closest friends for the gender reveal. We told everyone NO gifts. She had her actual baby shower closer to her due date and after she knew what she was having.

There are many fun ways to reveal the gender of the baby including:

  • dye the inside of the cake pink or blue. Frost the outside white or any other neutral color. Have the parents cut into the cake to find out if it's a boy or girl

  • fill a box with pink or blue balloons. Have the parents open the box and the balloons will float out (this is what we did)

  • Fill the inside of cupcakes with pink or blue filling.

  • Have someone at your party store fill a black balloon with pink or blue confetti. Have the parents pop the balloon.

Gender Reveal Party Decorations

There are many fun themes you can use for your gender reveal. We decided to go with polka dots or plaid for ours. All the printables shown in the pictures can be purchased at the bottom of this page.

gender reveal party decorations

We did half of the table in pink and white polka dots and the other half in blue plaid.

girl polka dot banner

I cut the banners out using scalloped scissors and tied them together with ribbon.

plaid boy banner

Gender Reveal Party- Food and Drinks

For the girl side of the table we did more girly food like pinwheel sandwiches and spinach and cheese puffs. For more food ideas see our finger food recipes!

pinwheel sandwhiches baby shower appetizers

For the boys side we more "manly" type food like pigs in a blanket, buffalo chicken wontons, and bacon wrapped potato bites.

pigs in a blanket, bacon wrapped potatoes buffalo chicken wontons

I made matching water bottle labels for the drinks. I found some pink Sobe drinks in the perfect color and power aide for the blue.

pink polka dot water bottle labels
plaid water bottle labels

Gender Reveal Party- Desserts

For the desserts we had cupcakes with matching wrappers and toppers and oreo truffles (which have become a request every time we have a party). Since we were doing the balloons for the reveal, we just did vanilla cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles. You could also color the inside of the cupcakes pink or blue depending on the gender of the baby.

girl baby shower cupcakes

boy baby shower cupcakes

oreo truffles

Another fun way to do the big reveal is to dye the inside of a cake either pink or blue. Frost the outside with white or chocolate icing and have the parents-to-be cut open the cake to reveal the sex of the baby.

Gender Reveal Party- the BIG REVEAL!

gender reveal party ideas

When my sister went for her ultrasound, she told the doctor and ultrasound tech that she didn't want to know the sex of the baby. She asked them to write the sex of the baby on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. You can have the mom-to-be give the envelope to the host of the gender reveal...unless they don't want to know either. I wanted it to be a surprise for me as well, and I also didn't trust myself not to slip up or ruin the surprise ;). So, she brought an empty box to a local supermarket, with the envelope, and told them to fill the box with pink balloons if it said girl and blue if it said boy. They wrapped the outside with white paper and we had everyone sign their name under their guess if it was a boy or girl.

After we finished eating, we gathered everyone together to watch the parents-to-be (and big-sister-to-be) open the box. Make sure to have your cameras ready for this! Some of the photos we captured were priceless.

gender reveal party

gender reveal party

gender reveal party

It's a boy! Hope you found some ideas and inspiration for your own gender reveal party!

The printables from this party are for purchase. After you order, I will e-mail you the files, and all you have to do is print them out from your home computer or favorite print shop. You can print as many as you like and the file is yours to keep forever. I only ask that you use them for your personal use only.

Gender Reveal {Polka Dots or Plaid} Package- $10.00 This package includes:

  • Boy and Girl Banner
  • Plaid and polka dot cupcake wrappers
  • Plaid and polka dot cupcake toppers (can also be used as favor tags)
  • boy and girl drink labels
  • plaid and polka dot tent cards

You will receive the files within 48 hours (or less). If you have not received them by then, please check and make sure our e-mail was not filtered into your junk mail. If you have any more questions please contact us.

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