Green and Blue Frog Diaper Cake

by Chloe-Ana D.
(Amarillo, TX)

Green/Blue-Frogs Front View

Green/Blue-Frogs Front View

Green/Blue-Frogs Front View
Green/Blue-Frogs Back View
Green/Blue-Frogs Top View

I am loving this color combination of blue and green. That handmade frog onesie is so cute too! This diaper cake would be perfect for a mom-to-be expecting a little boy. Click on any of the photos to see it larger.
Here are the details told by Chloe Ana:

What you need:
Diapers: 60 or more, Size 1,2, or 3
Ribbon: 3 Different kinds (Bigger Polka Dot, smaller dot, smaller solid)
Rubberbands: (Smaller for individual diapers, bigger for each tier.)
Pizza Pan for the base
Baby supplies: Car seat, pacifiers, rattles, rubber ducky.
Onesie (Custom made by my Aunt)


First, you start by rolling each individual diaper. Then, you attach a rubberband to each to hold them together. Next, you wrap the ribbon that was chosen around each individual diaper to add color and theme to the idea.

Next, you place all the diapers on the pizza pan to make the first tier. You then attach a bigger rubberband around all of these to hold it together. You repeat the steps to make the middle tier and finally the last tier. You use more diapers in the bottom tier, then take off the amount of diapers used as you progress tiers to make it proportional.

Finally, you wrap ribbon around each tier to add color and to hold the tiers together. Finally, tie in baby supplies with ribbon to make it decorative. I added the onesie to the back that I had personally made for my friends baby.

When I arrived at the baby-shower, everyone was in awe. I enjoy making diaper cakes, this one was a fun one to do also. A little tip as I said in my previous diaper cake entry, if you buy the diapers a little bit bigger the mother to be can enjoy the diaper cake a little while longer. :)

Thanks for sharing with us Chloe-Ana, great job!

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Froggy Diaper Cake

by Lynn H.
(Brockville, Ontario, Canada)

Froggy Diaper Cake

Froggy Diaper Cake

Froggy Diaper Cake
All wrapped and ready to go!

This Frog themed diaper cake was a delight to make and looked beautiful. I wanted to use Size 2 & 3 diapers so it could be displayed for awhile before dismantling. I was asked to make this for a baby shower and had so much fun doing this one. I added some extras inside because I was friends with the recipient.

I fanned out 36 Size 3 Huggies diapers for the bottom tier and secured it with white raffia. In the middle of the cake I placed a large bottle of Johnson & Johnson's Head to Toe Baby Wash, two onesies, 4 Gerber washcloths,two pairs of socks, a pair of slippers and a bib(rolled).
For the second tier I fanned out 24 Size 2 Huggies and secured them with white raffia. In the middle of this tier, I placed a Sippy Cup with handles, a travel baby photo album, a burp cloth(rolled) and a feeding spoon.
Dowels were used through the layers to secure the tiers.
The top tier was made by folding a receiving blanket to the desired height and rolling it, then the diapers were layered around it and secured with white raffia. Inside I placed a Digital Thermometer Pacifier, two pacifiers with caps, and a teething ring.
I wrapped the brown ribbon around each tier, covering the outside of the diapers completely and layered the 1.5 inch green(with brown dots) ribbon on top of the brown, securing them both with diaper pins.
Next I put paper shred in light brown on the top layer for the frog to sit on.
A Webkins spotted frog was placed on top and secured with double sided tape.
As a finishing touch, I placed a cute little "baby boy" decal on the front of the second tier and placed some little artificial flowers (with stems) down into the diapers.

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