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Mini Diaper Favor
How to make mini diapers for favors or dirty diaper game

diaper favor

These homemade mini diaper favors are easy to make, inexpensive, and really cute. Fill them with treats like candy or nuts and give them out as favors. 

You can also use them for the dirty diaper game. Make enough mini diapers for each guest. Put a raisin or smear of peanut butter inside one of the diapers. As each guest arrives have them pick a diaper from the pile. Have everyone open their diaper and the person with the "dirty diaper" wins a prize.

What you'll need:

  • Napkins (dinner size for favor cups, beverage size for dirty diaper game)

  • Safety pins

  • Candy, nuts or any other treats to put inside

  • paper or plastic condiment cups


Lay your napkin out on a flat surface.


Fold the napkin in half diagonally, so you have a triangle. Make sure the point is facing towards you.

diaper favors

Take the point and fold it up towards the top.

diaper favor- step 2

Next, fold the other two corners in towards the middle.

diaper favor-step 3

Secure with a safety pin.

diaper favor- step 4

Fill a condiment cup with candy or nuts. You can also use a paper dixie cup or small plastic cup like I did. Just cup the top half off to the desired height.

candy in cup

Put the cup of candy inside the mini diaper favor. You can also put the candy right into the diaper, but putting it in a cup helps the diaper stand up, and you don't have to worry about the candy spilling out of the bottom or top.

mini diaper favor

Dirty Diaper Baby Shower Game

For the dirty diaper baby shower game, follow the same instructions above to make your mini diaper, only using a beverage size napkin instead. Leave all the diapers empty except for one. Put a raisin or smear of peanut butter in one. 

Put all the mini diapers in a basket or bag and have each guest grab one (without looking inside). Then everyone opens up their diaper. The person with the dirty diaper is the winner.

Mini Diaper Favor Tips and Ideas

Use colored napkins or safety pins for a fun look.

Decorate the diapers with markers or stickers.

You can also use felt cloth instead of napkins. Cut the felt in squares about the same size as a napkin and follow the instructions above.

Try wrapping your treats in tulle instead of a cup, place in the diaper.

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