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Diaper Cake Instructions
How to make a spiral, boutique style diaper cake

diaper cake instructions, fanned diaper cake

Follow our step by step diaper cake instructions, with pictures, and learn how to make a professional looking "spiral" or "boutique style" diaper cake without rolling the diapers.

This fanned diaper cake has a smooth, icing look to it and unlike the rolled style cake, you do not have to roll up each diaper. This also makes the cake easier for the mom-to-be to take apart.

This is my favorite style of diaper cake to make. Don't be intimidated, it is easier to make than it looks!

What you'll need (for a 3 tier cake):

  • 60-70- size 1 or 2 diapers (make sure there is not anything printed on the back of the diapers-we recommend Pampers swaddlers)

  • 3 Cake pans in different sizes (we used 6", 8", and 10" pans)

  • 3 Large rubber bands

  • Ribbon (enough to wrap around each cake tier)

  • Cake plate- 10" or 12"

  • Cake topper (flowers, stuffed animal, bow, etc.) and any other baby items you want to add (baby lotion, shampoo, diaper cream, etc.)

Diaper Cake Instructions:

Starting with the largest cake pan, take a hand full of diapers and fan them against the side of the pan. Make sure the printed side is facing the inside. Adjust the diapers as you go, so they are evenly spaced out.

While holding those diapers in place, take another hand full of diapers and continue to fan them out around the pan. Make sure to adjust them as you go. Continue this process until you go all the way around the cake pan.

Then, fill the hole in the middle with more diapers. Or, you can leave a space to hide a baby bottle in the middle. If you choose to put a bottle in the middle, you will have to add it after you take it out of the pan.

diaper cake instructions

spiral diaper cake instructions


Put a large rubber band around all the diapers.

Next, turn the cake pan upside down to remove the diapers (leave rubber band on). Now you are done with your bottom tier.

Repeat this process with your other two cake pans. Stack each tier on top of each other.

I like to put a bottle or bottle brush through the middle of the three tiers to help hold them all together. You could also use a couple wooden dowels. Anything to keep them all held together.


When you are done with all three, your cake should look something like this. I know, not very pretty, but don't worry we are getting to the fun part.

undecorated diaper cake

Now, take your ribbon of choice and wrap around the middle of each tier. Secure the ribbon with a little hot glue or fabric glue. Make sure the ribbon is nice and tight, then remove the rubber bands underneath. Add your cake topper and decorate with baby items.

For the diaper cakes below, I used a wide pink ribbon around each tier, then added a thin brown and pink polka dot ribbon over that. We then added a bow and put on a cake plate. You could also top with shoes, stuffed animals, artificial flowers or even tissue paper flowers.

pink and brown diaper cake pink and brown diaper cake

If you are just giving your diaper cake as a gift and not using it as a centerpiece, you might want to wrap the entire thing in cellophane or tulle and tie with a ribbon. This will make sure your cake stays clean and in place.

After you make your own masterpiece, make sure to take a picture and enter it in our baby shower cake contest. You could win some great prizes and your cake will be on our site for everyone to see. You might even inspire another reader to make their own diaper creation. Submit your diaper cake here

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