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Fun Coed Baby Shower Games

We all know that most guys will groan at even the thought of having to play baby shower games. But don't worry, we have found the best and most fun coed baby shower games around. 

While almost any baby shower game can be played as a coed game, we have included games that are fun, great for teams or couples and are sure to have everyone cracking up. 

Fun Coed Baby Shower Games

Parent Trivia 

This game is similar to the Newlywed game that used to be on TV. You give each parent a list 10-15  questions and have them write down their answers (make sure they are separate when they do this part). You could ask them questions like: "do you want a boy or a girl?", "what was your reaction when you heard the news?", "what do you want to name the baby?" "where did you first meet?"

Then, after you have their answers, bring both parents back in the room. Read the questions aloud and have each parent guess the answer that their partner gave. This game is sure to get some laughs! The parent who gets the most answers right, wins.

Battle of the Sexes Trivia

This is a guys verses girls trivia battle. Make up 20 trivia cards (ten for each team) with questions about babies or parenting. Divide the men and women into separate teams and give them each 10 cards. Have each team quiz the other, one question at a time. Each team has 10 seconds to answer. The group that has the most answers right wins.

Coed Baby Shower Games

Who's That Baby? 

For this game, you will have to put a note in the invitations telling the guests to bring a baby picture of themselves with them. When guests arrive, take their picture and hang it on a wall or poster board. I have also seen people string a piece of yarn across the wall and attach the pictures with a clothespin.

Number each photo, and have the guests write down who they think each picture belongs to. It might be helpful to have everyone wear name tags in case they don't know someone's name. The person who guesses the most right, wins.

Baby Bottle Race 

This is another fun coed baby shower game. Fill some small baby bottles with beer or juice and have everyone (or just the guys) race to see who can drink their bottle the fastest. Whoever finishes their bottle first is the winner. Make sure you have the camera out for this one!

Coed Baby Shower Games
Feed the Baby

This game is fun but also can be messy! Make sure to have some large plastic bibs handy.
Divide everyone into teams of two (or let couples team up). Give each team a jar of baby food and a baby spoon. One person on the team has to feed the other team member the baby food, while they are both blindfolded. Or, if you want to make things really interesting, have both team members feed each other at the same time while blindfolded. The team to finish the baby food the fastest wins a prize.

Bottle Bowling

Set up some plastic baby bottles in a v-formation like in a bowling alley. Let guests take turns trying to knock the bottles down with a small ball (like a tennis ball or baseball).

Guess Mommy and Daddy's Tummy Size 

This is a fun variation of the popular baby shower game where everyone guesses the mom-to-be's belly size.
Have the parents stand  belly to belly and use a piece of string to measure around both of their waists.
Then, have each guest cut a piece of yarn that they think is the size of the couples bellies. Whoever guesses the closest, wins.
Another variation is to divide the men and women into separate teams. Have the women guess mommy's tummy size and the men guess daddy's tummy size. This is especially funny if the dad-to-be has also put on a few pounds during the pregnancy.

Coed Baby Shower Games

Daddy Gag Gift

For this game you will have to put a note with the invitations telling each couple to bring a small gag gift for the dad-to-be. Make sure to have one of your own to give. Some fun ideas: a big bottle of aspirin (for his headache after listening to a screaming baby), Coffee (to deal with the lack of sleep), a gas mask (for changing stinky diapers), anything that is poking fun at what new parents must go through.

Have dad sit in a chair in front of everyone and open up his gifts. This is sure to have everyone cracking up, including the dad-to-be.

Pin the Binky on the Baby

This is a baby shower version of pin the tail on the donkey. Print out a large picture of a baby (or draw one) and hang it on the wall. Make cutouts of baby pacifiers and attach a piece of tape of pin. Put a blindfold on the player, spin them around twice, and have them try to pin the binky on the baby's mouth. The person who gets the closest is the winner.

Outdoor Coed Baby Shower Games

Bobbing for Nipples
Set up several large buckets of water and fill with nipples from baby bottles. Set a timer (for 1-2 minutes). Then, each person must put their hands behind their back and see how many nipples they can grab with their mouth before the buzzer goes off. The person who gets the most, wins a prize.

Stroller Derby

This is definitely an outdoor game. You will have to set up an obstacle course using small traffic cones or flags. You will also need two strollers and two baby dolls. The small umbrella strollers work well (because they are so small and make racing harder) and they are inexpensive. You could also borrow a couple strollers from someone if you don't have any.

Have two at a time race around the obstacle course with the dolls in their strollers. The person who finishes with the fastest time wins. If their baby doll falls out along the way they automatically lose. Don't let them strap the dolls in the stroller to make it even harder.

Coed Baby Shower Games

Pooping Potatoes

Fill a bucket with baking potatoes and place it at the starting line. Place another empty bucket across the yard at the finish line. 

The object of the game is to have each person put as many potatoes  between their legs as they can. Then, they must waddle to the finish line (keeping the potatoes between their legs) and drop as many potatoes in the bucket as they can without using their hands. The person who gets the most potatoes in the bucket is the winner.

Don't Break the Water

This game is similar to the potato game, except you use water balloons instead.
Fill up a bunch of water balloons and put them in a bucket. Put another empty bucket at the goal line. Have each person put a water balloon between their legs and try to make it to the to the goal without popping it and then drop it in the bucket without using their hands.

Prize Ideas for Coed Baby Shower Games

When choosing prizes for the winners of the games, keep in mind that you don't know if the winner is going to be male or female. Choose prizes that are gender neutral. Here are a few ideas:

  • Gift card to a restaurant

  • Gift card to local grocery store

  • Gas card

  • Bottle of wine

  • Gift card to movie theater
  • Lottery tickets

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