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Candy Pacifier
How to make candy pacifier favors

Follow our step by step instructions and learn how to make a candy pacifier for for your baby shower.

I wish that I could take credit for coming up with this cute idea, but a friend of mine made these for a baby shower that she threw, and she taught me how to make them. I don't know who originally came up with this idea, but I thought I would share how I made them with this photo tutorial that I did.

They make great baby shower favors, cupcake toppers, cake decorations, or game prizes. They are also easy and inexpensive to make and completely edible. You can customize them to fit your theme by changing the colors of the ribbon or candy.

candy pacifier materials

What you'll need:

  • white lifesaver candy {2 for each pacifier}

  • icing- decorator icing or royal icing {see recipe below}

  • jelly beans or Mike and Ike candy

  • ribbon {optional}


Candy Pacifier Instructions

Spread some icing in the middle of a lifesaver, this will be the "glue" that holds your pacifier together. *It is very important that you use decorator's icing or royal icing so it will become hard when it dries.*

Take another lifesaver and put it on top of the icing on it's side, making a t-shape.

how to make a candy pacifier

Next, spread some more icing on top of the piece of candy that is facing up. Stick your jelly bean or other candy in the middle of the icing facing up. This will be the nipple of the pacifier. Use a knife or your finger to smooth out the icing. Lay on a piece of waxed paper and allow the icing to harden for a few hours.

candy pacifier instructions

After it has completely dried, tie a piece of curling ribbon through the hole in the bottom lifesaver and curl the ends of the ribbon with scissors.

how to make a candy pacifier

You can also make a candy necklace. Just tie a long piece of ribbon through the hole and tie the two ends together in a knot.

candy pacifier necklace

And there you go, it's that simple!


Like I said before, you have to use icing that will harden when it dries or it will not stay together. If you don't want to make your own icing, you can find pre-made decorator's icing in the can. That is what I used, and it worked great. I am all about saving time!

You can also make a royal icing yourself. The recipe below calls for meringue powder (which is a substitute for raw egg whites). You can find this in the baking section of craft stores or by the Wilton products in Walmart. This is also where I found the decorators icing.

You can fill a decorator's bag or plastic bag with icing to pipe it on the lifesaver.

Make sure to handle your pacifiers carefully until they are completely dry. Even then, you still want to be careful. If you are too rough with them, they can come apart.

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