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Baby Shower Theme Ideas

The first step to make your baby shower planning less stressful and more fun is to pick a baby shower theme. There are a lot of choices to make when throwing a baby shower. The invitations, decorations, what games to play, what kind of food to serve, what kind of favors to give out. I know, it can become overwhelming. However, having a common theme for your party will make these decisions easier and help all the details fall into place.

I love a good baby shower theme. It can really set the tone of the baby shower and gives you a chance to show off your creative side. We have many baby shower theme ideas below to get your creative juices flowing. But, before you pick just any theme, read through our suggestions below. If you choose a theme that is near and dear to the guest of honor's heart, you will make her shower even more special.

Before choosing your baby shower theme ask yourself these questions:

  • What would the mom-to-be like?

    Would she like a laid back, casual baby shower or an elegant soiree?

    Does she have any hobbies or interests? Maybe she loves to sew or collects owls. Or loves French food or the color fuchsia. You can use almost anything as a jumping point for your theme.

    You might also want to find out what colors or themes the mom-to-be plans to use in the baby's nursery. This pretty much guarantees she will love it, and she might even be able to use some of the decorations or centerpieces from the party in the baby's room.

  • What season will the shower be held?

    This will help you decide whether to have the shower indoors or outdoors and maybe even what colors to use. Also, some decorating themes are more readily available at certain times of the year.

  • Is the party going to be all girls or co-ed?

    If it is going to be an all girl party, you can make it as cute and girly as you want. However, if the guys are invited too, you might want to keep it more casual or pick a theme that is somewhat guy friendly. Many of our baby shower theme ideas below are perfect for a couples baby shower.

Finally, when you have something in mind, visit some party and craft stores. This will help you make your final decision and ensure that your vision can be carried out. You might also find some little extras to add that you never thought of.

Have you thrown a really cute baby shower? Please share it here, and your party could inspire thousands of people all over the world.

Here are a few baby shower theme ideas to get you started:

Just click on each baby shower theme for help with invitations, decorations, food, games, and favors.

dr seuss baby shower

Dr. Seuss Theme

cute as can bee theme

Cute as Can Bee Theme

jungle theme

beach baby shower theme

Beach Baby Theme

monkey baby shower theme

Monkey Theme

couples baby shower

Coed Baby Shower

picnic baby shower

Picnic Baby Shower

pumpkin baby shower theme

Little Pumpkin Theme

winter baby shower

Winter Wonderland

clothesline baby shower

Clothesline Theme

rainbow baby shower theme

Rainbow Theme

vintage baby shower themeVintage Baby Shower

gender reveal party theme
Gender Reveal Party

Girl Baby Shower Themes

glam girl baby shower theme

Glam Spring Baby Shower

princess baby shower theme

Princess/Lil Diva Theme

sugar and spice baby shower theme

Sugar and Spice

butterfly baby shower theme

Butterfly Garden Theme

sweet shoppe theme

Sweet Shoppe/ Lollipop Party

Boy Baby Shower Themes

construction baby shower, dump truck theme

Under Construction Theme

train baby shower theme

Choo Choo Train Theme

jungle theme all star sports theme

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