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Baby Shower Sports Theme
All-Star Sports Baby Shower Ideas

sports theme baby shower

Are you planning a baby shower for a mom-to-be who is a sports fanatic? Or looking for a fun couples baby shower idea? Hit a home run with a sports theme baby shower. This is a baby shower theme that the guys are sure to enjoy.

You can narrow your theme down to the couples favorite sport (football, baseball, basketball, etc.) or even their favorite team. Or, incorporate them all and call it an all-star sports baby shower.

Baby Shower Sports Theme Invitation Ideas

Homemade invitation ideas:

Cut your invitations in the shape of a circle and decorate to look like a sports ball.

Invitation wording ideas:

Please join us for an all-star baby shower as we welcome the newest member of the (parent's last name) team.

A little all-star is on the way... Let's celebrate before the big day! Please join us for a couples baby shower in honor of (parent's names).

Please help us cheer on (parent's names) as they get ready to welcome their new little MVP (baby's name).

More Sports Baby Shower Invitations:

Baby Shower Sports Theme Decoration Ideas:

If the parents have a favorite team, then use the teams colors for your decorations like napkins, tablecloth, cups, and plates.

Plates and Napkins has a huge selection of unique sports themed tableware. They have many specific teams and types of sports.

Hang streamers and balloons in their team's colors. You can also find balloons in the shape of balls and other sport themes.

Use a grass rug as a tablecloth. Just cut the rug to fit the size of your table. (You can find them in the carpet section of a hardware store.)

Put out a sports ball for all of the guests to sign so mommy and baby will have a keepsake from the party.

Here are some more adorable sports themed baby shower supplies:

Baby shower sports theme food ideas:

Serve food that you would find at a sporting event or a sports bar.

  • Pizza

  • Hot dogs and hamburgers

  • Nachos

  • Chicken wings

  • Veggie tray with ranch or blue cheese dressing for dipping

  • Gatorade or any other sports drinks

  • Sports cupcakes- decorate them to look like a baseball, soccer ball,tennis ball or basketball.

sports themed cupcakes
We found these cupcakes at savingslifestyle.com. Visit the site for full instructions how to make these.


We also found these super cute, hand-dipped berries that can be purchased. These would look great on the dessert table, or you could individually wrap them in cellophane bags and give them out as favors. Click on the picture for more details.

Sports theme baby shower game ideas

Sports trivia would be a great game to play, especially if you are having a couples shower.

Can YOU tackle trivia? Super Bowl party games

Set up some sports video games and have a video game competition- sure to score more points with the men ;-).

Baby bottle race:

Fill some baby bottles with beer or any other beverage. Have the guys race to see who can finish their bottle first. Let the women sit back and laugh and take lots of pictures.

Ball Toss:

Have everyone stand in a circle. The first person tosses the ball to someone else. The person who catches the ball has to name a baby item (pacifier, diaper, crib, etc.). They have 5 seconds to name an item and then toss the ball to someone else. If they don't say a word in time or repeat one that has already been said, they are out of the game. Keep playing until the last person is left. Give the winner a prize.

Baby Shower Sports Theme Favor Ideas:

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