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Baby Shower Crafts
Do-it-yourself craft tutorials

For all you crafty girls, here is a list of all of our D.I.Y. baby shower crafts and tutorials. Even if you don't consider yourself crafty, give it a try! You might surprise yourself! 

Click on each link for full step by step instructions. I have also included pictures of each step, because I know it's a lot easier to learn how to make something when you can actually see the steps done. A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when trying to explain something.  I also included tips and suggestions I have learned from trial and error so you can avoid making common mistakes.

Baby Shower Crafts

Baby Shower Banner- Learn how to make a creative, homemade banner personalized for your party.

Butterfly Pomander Ball- instructions for a pomander ball covered in paper butterflies. A cute homemade decoration for a butterfly or spring baby shower.

Candy Pacifier- This edible craft makes great favors, cupcake toppers, or decorative treats.

Diaper Cakes-  Here you will find instructions for three different types of diapers cakes! They make a great homemade gift for mom-to-be. Also makes a great centerpiece if you are host a shower.

Diaper Cupcakes- These are not edible cupcakes, but diapers made to look like cupcakes. 

Mini Diaper Favors- Look like little mini diapers, use them to hold treats. Can also be used to play the dirty diaper game.

Baby Sock Roses- we'll show you how to turn baby socks into a bouquet of roses. Makes a great homemade gift or centerpiece.

Tissue Paper Flowers- photo tutorial, tissue flowers can be used for napkin rings, to decorate diaper cakes, for centerpieces and more.

Tissue Pom Poms- step by step instructions to make these fun and easy homemade decorations.

Tissue Flower Pomander Ball- looks just like a real carnation pomander ball, only costs less to make and lasts much longer.

Washcloth cupcakes- baby washcloths made to look like cupcakes. 

Washcloth Lollipop- baby washcloths made to look like lollipops. Give them out as favors, use them for decorations, or just a fun gift for mom-to-be.

If you are looking for group baby shower craft ideas to have during the baby shower instead of games, see our baby shower activities page. We have lots of activites/crafts for the guest to make for mom-to-be.

Have fun making your homemade baby crafts! The mom-to-be will surely love that you took the time to make her something. Homemade gifts come from the heart and have sentimental value. And you never know, you might even discover a new hobby at the same time.

We are adding more baby shower tutorials all the time, so make sure to subscribe to our site and you will get updates when we add new material. To subscribe to this site, click on any of the buttons in the white box on the left hand side (under the menu).

If you have any baby craft ideas you would like to share, or if there are any crafts you would like to see on this site, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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