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Baby Shower Centerpieces
Do- it-yourself baby shower centerpiece ideas

We have lots of pictures and ideas to help you make your own beautiful baby shower centerpieces.

Centerpieces and table decorations are an easy way to add  that "wow" factor to your party. You can save money by making them yourself, and many of these centerpiece ideas can also double as a gift for the mom-to-be. If you have a theme, get creative and find ways to incorporate it into your table decorations.

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Centerpieces made from baby things
Elegant Centerpieces
Edible Centerpieces

Homemade Baby Shower Centerpieces

Baby Sock Roses
baby sock roses centerpiece

The "roses" in this picture are made out of baby socks. Use them to make a cute centerpiece, or simply give them as a fun and practical gift.

{Baby Sock Roses Tutorial here}



Diaper Cakes
diaper cake centerpiece

Diaper cakes also make great centerpieces. You can decorate your cake to match your baby shower theme, and it can also do double duty as a gift for the guest of honor.

We have instructions for 3 different types of cakes with step by step photo instructions.

{Diaper Cake Tutorials Here}

Washcloth Lollipops
washcloth lollipop centerpiece

Stand them up in a glass container, bucket or small pail filled with candy.

If you are giving them out as favors, put your centerpiece in the middle of each table and let your guests know to take one home.

{Washcloth Lollipops Instructions}


Elegant Baby Shower Centerpieces

Manzanita Centerpiece
manzanita centerpiece

Manzanita branches have become a popular choice for centerpieces. The branches are perfect for hanging things from, and there are many decorating possibilities.

{Manzanita Centerpiece Tutorial}

Flower Balls
carnation ball centerpiece

Flower pomander balls are a beautiful and interesting way to display flowers.

This one is sitting on a trumpet vase. They also look gorgeous on a small cake stand.

This one was made by a florist, but we found a great tutorial at Eat Drink Pretty if you want to make your own.

Flowers with Fruit
floral baby shower centerpiece

Fresh flowers always make beautiful table decorations. Put them in a pretty vase or container and you can't go wrong.

We like this idea of adding sliced fruit in a clear vase.


Edible Baby Shower Table Decorations

Fruit Bouquet
fruit bouquet centerpiece

How to make a fruit bouquet:

Put a piece of floral foam in the bottom of a vase or container. Then, put fruit on wooden skewers (making sure it doesn't poke out of the top) and stick into the foam.

To make the flowers, use a cookie cutter and attach a melon ball with a toothpick. Fill in with parsley or any other greenery to fill it out and cover up the skewers.

baby shower cupcake tower

Decorate them to match your baby shower theme and display them on a cupcake tower.

See our baby shower cupcake ideas for inspiration and recipes.



Candy Buffet

baby shower candy centerpiece

candy buffett

Having a candy bar is a hot baby shower trend right now. Fill some containers with candy and put a scoop inside. Find candy that matches your baby shower theme. You can also tie a piece of ribbon from the scoop.

Put some treat bags out by the candy dishes with a sign that lets everyone know to take some home with them.



More baby shower centerpiece ideas:

  • Baby bathtub- use as a punch bowl and float a couple rubber ducks in the punch. Or, fill the tub with bath time baby items (shampoo, soap, lotion, baby towels).

  • Baskets- fill with baby items or use to display your baby shower favors.

  • Stuffed animals

  • Candles

  • Glass bowls filled with water and floating candles or flowers.

  • Baby clothesline- string a clothesline across the room or outdoors and  hang baby clothes, socks, bibs, blankets from the clothesline.

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