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Baby Shower Cake Pictures
{Baby Shower Cake Gallery}

Looking for some inspiration for your baby shower cake? Then browse through our baby shower cake pictures below. All of the cakes were submitted by talented visitors who submitted their homemade baby shower cakes into our cake contest. They are all truly works of art, thanks to everyone who contributed to this baby shower cake gallery!

Click on any of the cakes to go to that page. There you will find the complete instructions how to make that cake and who the cake was made by. You can also leave comments on that page.

baby bassinet cake
Baby Bassinet Cake
- This bassinet cake was made using the basket weave technique. This was Kristi's first baby shower cake, and I think she did a great job!


baby shoes cake
Baby Girl Things Cake
- I love this baby shower cake sent in by Chelsea. My favorite element of this cake is the little converse shoes on the top. Click on the picture to learn how she made this cake and for a close up side view of those adorable sneakers.


girl monkey baby shower cake
Girl Monkey Cake
- How cute is this cake!?! Simply gorgeous and perfect for a monkey themed baby shower.


onesie baby shower cake
Onesie Baby Shower Cake
- All the embellishments were made by hand out of fondant by Rory. There are even more fondant decorations all along the side of the cake. Click on the link or photo to see the side view.


umbrella baby shower cake
Overfilled Umbrella Cake
- This umbrella cake sent in by Ana is simply amazing. I love how the bottle looks like it is floating in the air. Click on the picture to find out how she did it.


winnie the pooh baby shower cake
Winnie the Pooh Cake
- Jennifer used a bear shaped cake pan to create Winnie the Pooh. I love the honey pot and how she has Pooh bear eating the honey. Follow the link to see the clever way she made the honey pot.


pregnant belly cake
Pregnant Belly Cake
- Belly cakes how become quite popular. Some people love them, some people don't. Click on the link to find out how Boona made this one.


sand castle cake
Sand Castle Cake
- This sand castle cake was made by Sammi. Looks just like the real thing doesn't it? This cake would go perfect with a beach themed shower.


frog baby shower cake
Sleepy Frog Cake
- How cute is this cake sent in by Victoria? Love that little frog with his pacifier and diaper sleeping so peacefully on his lily pad.


baby block quilt cake
Baby Block Quilt Cake
- Here is a quilt cake made by Annie. I love how she made the icing look fuzzy just like real yarn with fringe on the sides of the cake. Click on the picture or link to find out her technique.


pregnant woman baby shower cake
Pregnant Woman Cake
- You have to click on the photo to see more shots of this cake. In the close up photo you can see all the details of the pregnant mom. The top of the cake even looks like a real wood floor. She also made four carriages with babies inside. Great job Sarah!


cow cake

This cow themed cake was made by Chrys R. from Colorado Springs, CO. Chrys said: "A friend and I made this cake for another friend's baby shower. She loves cows and wanted to do the baby's room in pink/brown and cows." She also said that this cake was gluten-free. You can see the matching cow diaper cake in our diaper cake gallery (see link below).

I hope you enjoyed these baby shower cake pictures and found some great ideas for your own baby shower cake! Once you made your own masterpiece, please some back and enter it in our cake contest.

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