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Baby Shower Activities and Craft Ideas

Tired of traditional baby shower games? Throwing a shower for a mom-to-be who doesn't like games? Try one of our baby shower activities and craft ideas.

Activities are another way to entertain your guests and get everyone interacting. The mom-to-be will also end up with wonderful keepsakes that her friends and family made on this special occasion.

Baby Shower Activities/Craft Ideas:

Decorate Onesies: 

Buy enough white onesies for each guest to decorate one. Make sure to buy different sizes. Place a piece of cardboard or poster board inside each onesie to give it some support. Let the guests decorate the onesies with fabric markers or puff paint. After everyone is finished, you can hang them all up on a clothesline. Have the mommy-to-be pick her top 3 and give the winners a prize. Mom will go home with a bunch of onesies made by her family and friends.


white onesies (enough for each guest), fabric markers or puff paint, cardboard to put inside each one

* This baby shower activity goes perfect with our clothesline baby shower theme

* You could also do this activity using bibs instead of onesies. Just buy a bunch of solid colored bibs and let your guests decorate them with fabric markers.

Cards for Baby's Birthday: 

Buy some blank birthday cards with envelopes (enough for each guest). Write Happy 1st Birthday, Happy 2nd Birthday and so on until you number all the cards. Let your guest draw a card out of a pile and have them write a birthday message for the baby. The message could include humor, advice, memories or any other age appropriate thoughts for that year. This baby shower activity works best with family or close friends.

Materials: Blank birthday cards (enough for each guest) with envelopes, pens or markers

Mothers Know Best: 

Give each guest a blank sheet of paper or a note card. Have them write down their best parenting advice or any other words of wisdom for the new mom-to-be. Or, you could have them share some of their funniest parenting stories. Read them aloud after everyone is done. You're sure to get some laughs and great advice! 

Then, punch holes in the paper and put the pages in a  pretty binder or tie together with ribbon. Make a cover page that says: "Mothers know best", or "What the baby books won't tell you", or "Read when you need a good laugh..."

This baby shower activity is inexpensive and doesn't take too much time.


paper or note cards, pens and/or markers, hole puncher, ribbon or notebook binder

1st Year Scrapbook:

Buy some blank scrapbook pages (enough for each guest) along with markers, stickers, and baby embellishments for the baby's 1st year. Let each guest design a page for the baby's 1st year. Make sure to include: first smiles, first bath, first vacation, first solid food, first steps, any 1st holidays for that year, etc. 

Put all the pages together in a scrapbook. Then all mom has to do is fill in with pictures. This is a fun baby shower activity for a group that likes to scrapbook.


Scrapbook album, scrapbook pages, markers, scissors, stickers, and embellishments. You can find scrapbook supplies in the craft department at Wal-Mart or any other craft stores.

Baby Quilt Keepsake: 

Give each guest a square piece of fabric (6 square inches works well) and have them decorate with fabric markers. They can sign their name, write a message for the baby, or draw a picture. 

After the shower, sew all the pieces together (or have a seamstress do this) to make a quilt and give to the mom-to-be. She will have a beautiful keepsake quilt to remember her baby shower and everyone who was there to share it with her.


6 square inch pieces of fabric (enough for each guest), fabric markers.

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