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How to Make Baby Diaper Cakes
{Diaper Cake Tutorials}

Baby diaper cakes have become a popular trend at baby showers. These "cakes" are actually made entirely out of diapers and other baby items.

Why make baby diaper cakes?

We all know that the new mom is going to need tons of diapers. But, it isn't much fun to give them as a gift. Most people would rather buy presents that are going to get ooh's and awe's while she is opening them. Like those cute little baby clothes or teeny, tiny shoes.

Diaper cakes are the best of both worlds. They turn those boring diapers into works of art. You get to see the mom-to-be's face light up as she admires your homemade creation, while knowing that you are giving a practical gift at the same time.

If you are hosting a baby shower, you can also use your diaper cake as a table centerpiece. They make a great conversation piece and you can decorate them to match your baby shower theme.

Types of baby diaper cakes

While there are endless decorating possibilities when making your cake, there are basically three different ways to make the foundation. We'll show you all three methods and the pro's and con's of each. We have also included how to make diaper cupcakes, another cute way to give diapers.

Share a picture of your diaper cake here.

Click on the picture or the link below each picture for full step by step directions with pictures.

Spiral or Fanned Baby Diaper Cakes

spiral diaper cake, fanned diaper cake

fanned diaper cake with tissue flowers

This spiral, boutique style diaper cake is my favorite of all three methods. I have to admit, I was a little intimidated by this one because I thought it would be difficult to make. Boy was I wrong! It is so easy, all you need are a few cake pans, diapers and ribbon and you can create one of these too.

See our diaper cake instructions for the full step by step photo tutorial. In case your wondering, those are tissue paper flowers on the cake above on the right.

Rolled Baby Diaper Cakes

rolled diaper cake, boy diaper cake princess diaper cake

This is the first kind of diaper cake that I learned how to make. The blue and green polka dot cake on the left was made using Target brand diapers. The princess cake on the right, has a pink feather boa wrapped around each tier. I also stuck mini wands in the middle of some of the diapers and added a tiara on top. Click here for the tutorial "how to make diaper cakes".

Square Diaper Cake Method

square diaper cake

The square diaper cake is the most recent addition. This cake is also made without rolling up each diaper. You simply fold them in half and stack them in rows. Click here for the square diaper cake tutorial. The one shown above was for a Dr. Seuss baby shower but all you have to do is change the colors of the ribbon and the topper to give it entirely different look and feel.

Diaper Carriage

diaper carriage

This amazing diaper creation was sent in by one of our readers, Tasha. Isn't it so adorable? This would make a cute table centerpiece and the mom-to-be would surely love it too. She was also kind enough to share the instructions how she made it with us. Click here for the diaper carriage instructions.

Diaper Cupcakes

diaper cupcakes

I learned how to make these diaper cupcakes from a friend (thanks Steph!) These are great if you just want to give a little something or don't want to make an entire diaper cake. These would also be cute in a cupcake box if you are giving them as a gift.
Click here for the diaper cupcake instructions.

Which style diaper cake should you make?

Both of the round cakes use about the same amount of diapers, and both are pretty easy to make. The square diaper cake takes a few more diapers, but also very easy to put together.

I found the spiral diaper cake took the least time to make because you do not have to roll each diaper up before you use them. This also means that the mom-to-be will not have to unroll each one before she uses them. The only downside is you need to have three cake pans in different sizes. If you don't have any cake pans handy and don't want to spend money on cake pans, you might want to go with the rolled cake.

The square cake is simply a matter of folding diapers in half and putting them in rows. It doesn't require any rolling or cake pans. The only downside to this style is that you can't hide any baby items in the middle like you can with the round cakes.

Overall, all of the cakes look nice and make a great gift and/or baby shower centerpiece. Choose the style of cake that you like best.

Need a little more inspiration? Visit our diaper cake photo gallery.

After you make your own diaper creation, please come back and share pictures with us! You can submit them here.

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